Phase or Folly-Going Forward

  1. Part One:  Putting the Crap Back In

After a rugged, or more insane beginning to this trip, where several times along the way we considered turning the RV around and returning home, we couldn’t believe we’d finally arrived in our beloved Arizona.  There was no elation, excitement or high-fiving going on here, just somber relief that the ordeal was over except for getting the RV unpacked.

So, a mere 2.5 hours and 52 trips up and down the stairs, everything was out of the RV and inside the condo, placed in gigantic heaps in every availabale space we could find. Our hope that somewhere in this mess, was one cat and one dog!  More about the trials and tribulations in future posts.

But this, the 50th day of our stay arrived, and we must start packing for our return to Michigan with the horrifying realization that we had to put all those gigantic heaps of crap back in the RV.  The task should be easier since we’ll be carrying stuff down this time BUT there is a significant difference in the weather.  Today, the 50th day, is also the first time this year Arizona will reach triple digit temperatures!


Tomorrow, we’ll make a last run through the condo, check for items left behind, secure Kate and Sassy in their crates, close the doors behind us and hope the return trip will be kinder to us.  Our hearts are sad to leave this beautiful place but ecstatic to reunite with family and friends we love and miss so much, especially our three awesome girls, Missy, Ashley and Sarah.

Michigan or bust!

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