Where Did It Begin Exactly?

I’ve decided this saga actually began when we adopted our dog Katie. Having her come into our life is a story onto itself and I’ll tell you about later. First, I need to piece together the how and why of us getting into this RV thing! 

We bought a small condo in Arizona 7 years ago.  We’d rent it out to some very nice people as well as play host to family and friends, but we spent very little time there ourselves. That had to do with two definite issues: (1) how could we leave our 3 best girls, Missy, Ashley and Sarah for so long, and (2) we were mama and papa to 5 cats, three having some serious health issues. For short trips we’d hire the pet sitter, hop a quick flight to Phoenix and be back in a week or two – well before the girls and pets could even miss us.  Our dream, however, was to join the ranks of snowbirds and spend a couple of months far from the harsh Michigan winters. As long as we had 5 cats, there was no chance as we could never leave them behind with a sitter for that length of time.  Well, over the years, our family of cats dwindled to just one; CutiePie – a feisty, outspoken old girl with a few manageable health issues.  Now we were looking at just one cat and one dog traveling with us for our desired 2 months to the glorious warmth of the Arizona sun.  And, as for our beautiful girls, we promised them we’d learn all the new technology to keep us in touch with them every day. This was more than just a possibility, it was something we could actually do!!  YES!!  Time to start making travel plans!!  It’s already June 1st and we want to leave February 1, 2012!  Lots to think about – finding a housesitter, get through the holidays, get the house and gardens in order, pack, etc…Oh wow!  So much to do and so little time!  Arizona here we come!

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