The Blue Trucks

As I laid in bed this morning in a half-sleep, I heard the sound of a large truck  lifting, lowering and banging down the large brown trash receptacles that we, along with our neighbors, rolled out to the curb last night. The truck stopped at our home and went through it’s ritual then moved along the curb to the home next door picking up what remained of everyone’s Thanksgiving celebration and feast. I felt sad thinking of turkey carcasses, colorful paper napkins and plates that were all part of the beautiful table set to celebrate the day with loved ones less than 48 hours ago and are now being carted off in an oversized blue truck destined for a landfill. Our minds have a way of putting things behind us and moving to the next event or holiday which is only 3 short weeks away. Once again families will gather, share meals, memories, gifts and within 48 hours the blue trucks will once again return.  It’s necessary to move on, to accept the “blue trucks” and realize that even though the physical evidence of the holiday is gone, the memory of the joy of the day with loved ones will live in my heart forever.   Wishing all family and friends joy and love in the holiday season and throughout the year

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