I’m not famous.  I wouldn’t want to be.  I’m Patti, a wife, mom, gramma, sister, auntie and friend.  Of course, I’m many other things but these are the most important.

I’m the queen of list-making and procrastination.  In my mind these two things go hand-in-hand.  I work best under pressure and when push comes to shove, the job gets done.

I’m a packrat who saves things just in case someday someone will want or need them.

I’m an animal lover and advocate, rescuer and rescue volunteer.  I’ve spent most of my years caring for and giving a forever home to cats and dogs that were abused, abandoned and alone in the world and who would not have survived otherwise.

I’m a traveler who has had the good fortune to visit places in the World I thought I would only dream of.

I’m passionate about nature and am in awe of and respect everything from the smallest plant or creature to the grandest mountain or ocean.  I believe in God and thank Him every day for the beauty He has bestowed upon us.

I LOVE coffee, chocolate, good wine, going to the movies and popcorn with butter. My favorite healthy food is salad.  I collect childrens books and am always taking pictures even though most get deleted. I have a wild imagination and give names to inanimate objects. I love stepping on bubble wrap.

I’m a happy wife, a proud mom and let me tell you about my grandaughters!!

I write about family, marriage, being a mom and gramma, pets and pet rescue, travel, gardening and the joys, the sorrows and the absurdities of life.  You might ask what my credentials are, what qualifies me to write about these topics and I can only say I’ve spent many years on this Earth and have a resume with a lot of “life experience”.

I invite you to journey down this path with me.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy my ramblings and rumblings, my stories and reflections and gather a few tidbits of information along the way.  My goal is to make this a fun place for you and me.  I love to share ideas and have good discussions so I welcome your comments.

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