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Starting in the Middle

The following is a Public Service Announcement:

“Due to technical, personal and miscellaneous difficulties, this blog will be starting somewhere in the middle.

Based on the theory that “if it can happen, it will happen to Mick and Patti”, I don’t find this PSA the least bit surprising.

The original intent of this blog was to keep concerned family and friends in contact with us as we RV’d for the first time to Arizona, towing a vehicle and traveling with pets. Now that doesn’t sound like anything unusual. After all,  thousands of couples and families have been doing this forever, but because of the above theory your concerns were validated.

The technical difficulties resulted in having to write the trip experiences by hand and transfer it to posts here. My goal is to post at least twice a day under the title “Phase or Folly-The Beginning”, stories and pictures from the when the RV idea was born through the trip and arrival in Arizona, and “Phase or Folly-Going Forward”  starting with today’s activities as we prepare to travel back to Michigan.

In the meanime, we both want to thank our loving and supportive family and friends who followed us along the path of our newest misadventure, this crazy roadtrip. We’re grateful for your concerns, your hand wringing, your asking begging us to cancel and stay home, finally your acceptance as you shook your heads and chalked it up to “it’s just another Mick and Patti”.  We love you!

So, let’s not delay any further – allow me a few minutes to gather my notes and thoughts so I can “get this blog on the road”!!

Well, it might take just a teensie, weensie, tiny bit longer……


Phase or Folly – The Beginning

PART ONE: The Dream

Keeping a journal has been an on-and-off thing ever since I can remember but blogging has fascinated me for quite some time.  So starting a blog sounded like a great way to segue into the newest chapter in the life and adventures misadventures of Mick and Patti; the world of RV travel.  You know, it’s where you gather up the pets, get in the driver’s seat of your home-on-wheels and travel free as a bird, visiting fun and exciting places, where magnificent scenery surrounds you and the skyline of a great city lies in the distance.  It’s where you’ll meet the friendliest people who share the same sense of independence and adventure as you do.

Imagine the freedom of starting off in a direction with no demands on when you arrive wherever it is you want to go and choose to stay as long as you wish before moving on.  The opportunities for discovery are endless as you take a detour from the main highway to venture into and explore a place you’ve never visited or find something you never knew existed.

The thought of this type of travel is exhilarating; no ties, no deadlines – just total freedom!

I can close my eyes and imagine the delicious smell of bacon, eggs and toast, and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee filling the crisp morning air.  After a day on the road, you look forward to stopping for the night, building a campfire and putting a couple of steaks on the grill. The smell makes your mouth water and your stomach beg for dinner.

Afterward, it’s time to sit together by the fire, sip a glass of wine or drink a cold beer, toast s’mores and reflect on the beauty of the day while gazing at the stars.  PART ONE SUMMARY:  Travel Nirvana!